Reader’s Ruminations, Starting Again, Recommendations


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♦LOOKING BACK on a bunch of time that made keeping this going close to impossible. It seems like replying to articles in other media keeps a WP account alive!  It never leaves the mind though, which, encouragingly, suggests the impulse for the blog is real.
Definitely have been reading mysteries, mostly of the B++ variety. It’s something most people with lives long-term “taken over” by unplanned events probably understand – stimulation is the last thing needed, calm and entertainment was the ticket.
Some of that reading was nevertheless mention-worthy, and I hope to get into it all during the coming weeks, a bit at a time.
Interestingly, non-fiction “dipping-in” reading has come to appeal; some interesting landscapes opened up that way which would never have entered my experience before.
Just for the record these are some of the reads I really want to mention immediately:

The Division Bell, Ellen Wilkinson – A mystery by one of the British Parliament’s earliest women members that takes us deeply inside the institution and building and customs, and isn’t a bad crime story either.

London Rain, Nicola Upson – An A-category mystery set in the BBC in the Thirties, with fascinating insights into the institutional culture, and driving an involving story.

Girl Waits With Gun, Amy Stewart – A lightly fictionalized and fascinating tale of Florence Kopp, one of the first female sheriffs in the US. Living with her two sisters in early 20th Century rural New Jersey community after leaving NYC, they run afoul of a town boss and industrialists, endure intimidation and attacks, and with local law eventually find themselves to be a major news story (you can look it up). This book won a lot of awards.

The Last Days of Night, Graham Moore – Truth is stranger than fiction as Edison, Westinghouse and Tesla conflict in making the world light 24 hours a day. Beautifully written to read like fiction. A vivid depiction of the mad genius Tesla. By the same author as The Imitation Game film starring Benedict Cumberbatch, I believe this is the basis for Cumberbatch’s upcoming film on the subject. The book stands alone. Highly Recommended.

More to come – it’s a book world out there.