About me

Blogger 2017 An lucky gift for reading led to an addiction to stories, both fictional and real – current and past, world and family.

On the lighter side, I’ve been a mysteries aficionado since I was twelve. I credit Dame Agatha with forming some parts of my social education that weren’t readily available in working class Brooklyn. I read fiction and memoirs as well.

Between a friend at work and the increasing deaths of aging family, I slowly developed an interest in family history, that was a passion for about 10 years and is still an active interest. I guess once you’ve stunned yourself and everyone else by reconnecting branches of the family separated since 1923 by revolutions, wars and dictatorships, you feel it was worth all those hours at libraries and database sites and your own desk (sometimes 25 or 30 a week, and others do more).

Other “stories”– ballet has been a joy since early childhood; at my first ballet, in my bright six-year-old voice, I informed my father – and everyone else at the theater –  that the men weren’t wearing pants!

Photography is another longtime interest; my FLICKR page.

As far as social and political issues, I’m  opinionated, with a liberal bent.